Necro Classicism


This game took 2nd place in BialJam - a 48h game jam hosted in BiaƂystok, Poland :)

As Johnnie Applause, you have to face the evil. Dead artists are performing some classical music and they are about to kill you with their ungodly powers of treble and bass clefs!

Use your Assault Riffle and Rocket Launcher to kill them and eat their souls (eat 5 to become invincible and win). See what happens if two rockets meet each other! (Hint: you can use sprint) (Hint 2: check out rocket jumps!)


Web Web (this is 1366x768 version) Download SWF


Technology: AS3 + FlashPunk

System requirements: Browser with Adobe® Flash® Player installed.


Walk: W, A, S, D
Shoot: Up, Down, Left, Right
Jump: W
Jetpack: Space
Sprint: Shift
Collect Ammo / Jetpack / Soul (hold): E
Cheats: C 99 bullets, 99 rockets + full health